Flawless Finish


Nails will be left looking glossy with a lasting shine

Looking after your hands & feet is important as you use them all day, every day.

My treatments will leave your mind feeling relaxed, your hands & feet nourished & your nails looking fabulous.

I have a wide range of gel polish colours for you to choose from & with care your nail colour will last 10-14 days, you can find aftercare for your nails below.

Please note I have an allergy to nail products and due to this I am not taking on any new clients for nail treatments. Please only book if you have had your nails done before by me. I can also only do a maximum of 2 nail treatments in a day due to the way the products leave me feeling.

Express Manicure - £17.00

(45min - includes nail shaping, cuticle tidy, nail preparation & gel polish in the colour of your choice)

Express Pedicure - £19.00

(45min - includes nail shaping, cuticle tidy, nail preparation & gel polish in the colour of your choice)

Treatment Pedicure - £27.00

(60min - using the new Cuccio products this treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle tidy, nail preparation, a foot soak, exfoliation, hard skin removal, massage & gel polish in the colour of your choice)

Soak Off & Tidy - £12.00

(30min - when you aren't having gel polish reapplied this is great for removing your existing gel polish tidying & nourishing your natural nails)

Express Mani & Soak Off - £21.00

(60min - includes soaking off existing gel applied here, nail shaping, cuticle tidy, nail preparation & gel polish in the colour of your choice)

Express Pedi & Soak Off - £23.00

(60min - includes soaking off existing gel applied here, nail shaping, cuticle tidy, nail prep & gel polish in the colour of your choice)

Treatment Pedi & Soak Off - £31.00

(75min - includes soaking off existing gel applied here, nail shaping, cuticle tidy, nail preparation, foot soak, exfoliation, hard skin removal, massage & gel polish in the colour of your choice)

Cuccio products!

I am using the lovely brand called Cuccio & I am using their natural range throughout my manicure & pedicure treatments.

The Milk & Honey range smells amazing and contains ingredients to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. The milk is brilliant for stimulating skin which means that your blood flow will be increased bringing nutrients to the surface & helping to repair, plump & improve your hands & feet. The honey is then good for soothing your skin and moisturising, leaving your skin feeling hydrated & soft.

Come and try the Cuccio products in your Treatment Mani or Pedi.

Book here.

Don't forget to follow aftercare after your nail appointment!

There's nothing too complicated!

You do need to look after gel polish - it isn't as strong as a hard/UV gel extension or acrylics.

The main rule to follow is - when you have gel polish on you should always wear gloves when doing any manual work such as when you are washing up, cleaning or gardening. This will help to protect them from chipping and staining.

More info on aftercare for gel polish can be found on my blog post here.

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This is the area in my salon for my manicure and pedicure treatments. I offer express and luxury treatments for your hands and feet and all nail treatments include gel polish.