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Did you say Yes?!

I cannot believe it is January 2016 - where is time going? Shore Beauty has now been open for 5 months and I really can't thank my exisiting and new clients enough, it has been great and the treatment room has been well received.

So as we have just had Christmas and New Year, I am wondering how many of you said YES to your other halves as they went down on one knee?

If you are on of the YES girls then yay congratulations! You must be so excited, have you already started to plan your wedding or are you in no hurry?

If you are already on Pinterest, pinning away like a mad woman, then have you had any thoughts for your hair, makeup and nails for the day? This is such a huge part of a wedding day for the bride and the bridesmaids. It's so exciting - oh I love love love working on weddings!

Here at Shore Beauty I offer hen party/wedding/honeymood nails (gosh so many to think about!) and wedding treatments to relive the stress during the wedding planning process. It is a stressful, although exciting, time especially in the lead up to the big day when your getting all of the finer details organised.

So why not check out the Wedding page and book yourself in for a pamper along the way?

Have yourself looking your best - are there any new facial products you think you could try in the lead up to your date so your skin is glowing ready for your makeup artist?

Are you someone who gets tense shoulders when nervous and stressed - if so then think about having a massage.

And of course, back to my speciality, nails - are you a nail biter? If so then please please get into the habit of not biting. A FAB way to do this is to have gel polish. It makes your nails stronger, while allowing flexibility, and the gorgeous colours will put you off biting them as this will lead to chipping. if you bite the skin around your nails then use a cuticle balm or oil. We have some gorgeous hand and cuticle balms which are afternoon tea flavoured - perfect, although not edible!!

Also if you are a pinterest queen and have your wedding board set up then please add Shore Beauty - the username is ShoreBeautySS on there! It would be great to see your pins, we love weddings!

And if you are reading this blog and you aren't one of the YES girls then why not share it, to reach someone who is? (or your other drop some hints!!)

Thank you!


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