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When you can't wax...

Well we are finding ourselves in very strange times and I shut the salon this week, as per the Governments guidance, which is really gutting. But the main thing is that you are all healthy and keep yourselves safe during this time.

Obviously the majority of my clients have waxing here at Shore Beauty and it isn't something you can really do at home - however if you happen to have wax at home, then you may as well give it a go - just be careful and do small sections !!

If you can't wax then I totally get that you may not want to leave your hair to grow out - especially as we don't know how long this lock down is going to last. Some areas of the body may not be too bad, but areas like underarms and legs you may want to remove the hair from as they are on show as the weather gets nicer.

SO here are your options...

1 - Tweezing

Most of us have tweezers at home, or can easily get some online (don't go to shops unless you absolutely must). Tweezing is suitable for use on eyebrows and those pesky lip/chin hairs that stick out. You just need to be careful not to go mad and start changing the shape of your brows - perhaps if you fill your brows in, do so and then tweeze whatever is underneath to ensure you keep your shape.

2 - Growing hair out

Ok so this isn't ideal for some clients, a lot will find this too hard to do so please don't worry if you don't want to let any hair grow out. It could be that you could remove hair as a basic or high bikini, rather than Hollywood or Brazilian, or trim hair if needed. However, if you aren't bothered (the amount of clients who have text me saying "I'll just have a bush for the next few weeks or months" haha) then just leave it to grow out because when I next wax you, the hair wont be course or thick, it'll just be normal!

3 - Trimming

This is great for certain areas - mainly bikini line and underarms. Just ensure you are careful and don't use big scissors (shut the kitchen draw!!), only use small nail scissors.

4 - Hair removal cream

Now, if it involves going to a shop to pick some up please don't, I really don't rate hair removal cream. First up, it stinks! and secondly, it can burn you. DO NOT use it on your face, it can really burn you and you don't want that when its sunny as this will make your skin really sore and vulnerable to UV rays (even the ones for the face - avoid!). However, if you are happy to try hair removal cream then it would be ok to use on your arms and your legs. It will leave your hair feeling quite thick and course though unfortunately & you will need to use it fairly regularly.

5 - Shaving

So shaving, this is always my no-no. The one that everyone does before discovering waxing. It feels very odd to be "recommending" waxing, goes totally against my beliefs! BUT in times of crisis, like this, it will be ok. Again, be careful you don't cut yourself (think knees - so easy to cut yourself there!) and it isn't suitable for any hair on your face. You will need to use a razor every few days and the hair will grow back course and thick even after one shave, would you believe! BUT its a quick solution and hopefully once we get back on track with your waxing, it wont take long for your hair to go back to being soft and sparse. You also may find your skin is quite itchy as the hair grows back, it's such a horrible feeling but nothing much you can do. I shaved my underarms on Xmas eve, and I suffered itchiness throughout Jan & Feb (even though I waxed during these months), however my skin is fairly sensitive so it could have been that making it worse.

Don't forget, any hair removal method, aside from waxing, will change your hair. The hair will become thicker, possibly darker and it will feel course. Your skin will also not be smooth unfortunately but make sure you keep exfoliating and moisturising to keep your skin in tip top condition - it's vital you do this to prevent ingrown hairs. If you want to buy a Ruff Stuff Scrub or Waxperts Wonder Pads from me then you can. I can post these to you. They will each be £12 which includes the postage cost. Just message me on 07791 378129 or via socials and I'll send you an invoice for a bank transfer.

Anyway, I hope this helps you decide what you are going to do, fingers crossed I will be back up and running in April - in which case this is unlikely to apply as most people can leave their hair a little bit longer - but incase it isn't its always best to be prepared!

Amy x


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