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Hello & Welcome to Shore Beauty

the owne of shore beauty salon, boreham

My name is Amy and I am the owner of the salon. I carry out all of the treatments too!

Just a quick bit about me...

I have been a qualified beauty therapist for 9 years and I have also been a qualified teacher for the past 6 years, teaching beauty therapy in both schools and colleges.

My main passion is my salon & my wonderful clients. I pride myself on my salon being exclusive - I will only ever have one client at a time & you will never be rushed. 

For your convenience I have an online booking system, which can be accessed here, however if you wish to text or call me to make an appointment or ask any questions then please feel free on 07791 378129. You are also welcome to email me using the form below.

I look forward to welcoming you to Shore Beauty.

See you soon,

Amy x

See my other information pages here:

Appointment Info | Testimonials | Blog 

As Shore Beauty Salon is a professional home  based salon, the full address will be confirmed upon booking your appointment,


The salon is near the Lion Inn, off Main Road.

If you are driving then you can park on my drive way, no expensive car park charges here.

Vehicles are parked at their own risk.

I accept both cash and card payments for your treatments and products, as well as bank transfers in advance of your treatment.

Shore Beauty is in easy reach of so many local towns due to being just off the A12. If you live in Witham, Maldon, Danbury, Hatfield Peverel, Terling, Springfield, Beaulieu Park, Chelmsford, Danbury or any surrounding villages you will be within 20 mins of Shore Beauty Salon.

Below you can subscribe to my monthly emails - these will update you on what's going on at Shore Beauty Salon


Brands I use

Harley Wax

I use Harley Wax during my waxing treatments. I have used many different waxes over the years and this is the best one I have worked with. I use the chocolate hot wax for intimate areas, underarms and any facial waxing. It is really gentle as it shrink wraps around the hairs, rather than sticking to the skin, so comes off seamlessly. Unfortunately waxing will always be painful, but this is limited when using Harley and many clients tell me its the easiest wax they have ever had!


I had been looking for a solution to ingrowing hairs for a long time when I found Waxperts. They do their Waxperts Wonder Pads which are easy to use wipes that contain the magic ingrown hair reducing ingredient called salicylic acid. This product is amazing and I am so happy I found Waxperts as a brand. 

Ruff Stuff Scrub

I will always advise to exfoliate before a wax and also regularly afterwards too. Exfoliating is useful for various different reasons & as your waxing therapist I would say that the most imortant thing is to keep your skin free from a build up of dead skin & to keep it nourished & hydrated. This doesnt only apply to the area I am waxing, but to your whole body as your skin will look & feel so much better. As I understand convenience is important & a lot of people (including me!!) either forget or cant be bothered to be moisturising daily & exfoliating twice a week, I was looking for a product that will help. Ruff Stuff Scrub is both a scrub & a moisturiser. It only contains natural ingredients (mainly coconut oil & sugar!) which dissolve on the skin as you use it, perfect to use in the shower, & when you get out your skin will be soft, fresh & clean. You wont then need to moisturise, it does all the hard work for you! Aside from keeping your skin in amazing condition, this scrub will also contribute to helping reduce current ingrown hairs & prevent any new ones from appearing. Some poeple prefer to try exfoliating the area they suffer with ingrowns first and this scrub is the one i 100% recommend you use!


INK London

During my manicures and pedicures I use the gel polish brand called INK London. This is a well known, professional brand of gel polish (same as Shellac nails). The colour range is fab and the nails will last you when cared for. I also have colours by IBD and The Gel Bottle.

Kim Lawless Waxer in Chelmsford
I use IBD Just Gel Polish for my manicures and pedicures
i am a stockist of waxperts wonder pads in chelmsford
ink london logo is the brand of gel polish i use
Ruff Stuff Bod Scrub
shore beauty chelmsford insurance
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