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Waxing FAQ


If you are nervous about your waxing appointment then please don't worry.

I use hot wax on all sensitive areas - this wax shrink wraps around the hair and is not sticky. It therefore only pulls the hair out of its follicle.

You may have experienced strip wax or warm wax in the past which is sticky & painful - this is because it pulls the skin with it. This wax is suitable for use on legs, arms and lower back only.

If you are coming for your first wax and you have been shaving then the first wax will be the most "painful" - however,  99% of clients come back for further waxing so it can't be too bad!

Preparing for your wax...

  • Prior to your wax appointment please avoid using moisturiser or deodorant & ensure your skin is clean

  • It's best to avoid waxing when on your period as it can make you more sensitive

  • Please book your wax for at least 14 days after shaving/hair removal to ensure your hair is at least 2mm long otherwise it may snap & you won't be smooth for very long

  • You will get the BEST result if you let your hair grow out for 3-4 weeks after shaving (or 4 after a previous wax)

  • Avoid booking a wax for an area that is heavily bruised or cut

  • You cannot be waxed if you have a contagious skin condition

  • If you have used roaccutane, steroid cream or retin-A you'll need to avoid waxing the area for 6 months after coming off the medication

  • Wear something loose fitting to the wax 

  • Exfoliate a few days before your wax

  • If you have a health condition or you are pregnant please see my post below.


Aftercare for your wax....

  • If you experience redness then use sudocream

  • Do not pluck or remove hairs inbetween appointments

  • Be aware you need your hair to fall into a growth cycle so always have at least 4 waxes, each 4 weeks apart

  • Exfoliate the area 2-3 times a week 2 days after your appointment

for 24 hours after waxing ensure you:

  • Avoid exposure to sun/sunbeds

  • Avoid swimming/sport/sweating


  • Don't use fake tan in the area

  • Avoid touching/scratching the area

  • Don't apply any product to the area including deodorant, body sprays, lotions, make-up, powders

  • Exfoliate once/twice per week to prevent ingrowing hairs

  • Don't have a hot bath or shower (warm water only)

  • Wear loose fitting clothing


Please shower on the day of your appointment. 

I wash my hands before & after your appointment.

I always wear a new pair of disposable gloves for each client.

My waxing bed is sanitised between each client.

Couch roll is used on the bed.

The bin is emptied & replaced for each client.

Why should I get waxing?

Clients have waxing for all sorts of reasons. You may be tired of shaving frequently, suffer with ingrown hairs, feel cleaner when you are hair free. I'm not judgemental about the reason why you want to be waxed, but what I can say is almost all clients don't go back to shaving!

How long should my hair be?

If you are a shaver then you will get the best results if you leave your hair to grow for 3-4 weeks (I know that growing the hair is a total pain, but it really will make a difference to how smooth your skin will be). At the very minimum I need you to wait 10 days after shaving. If you have been waxing then please leave it 4 weeks.

How often should I get waxed?

You should wax every 4 weeks. After your hair growth cycle falls into a pattern you will find that you may be able to go longer between waxes.

How long do the results last?

If you have been shaving you may find that you get a few odd hairs within 7 days after your wax. This is normal. This is hair that was under the surface of the skin when you came to your appointment. Once your hair is in a growth cycle you will have smoother skin for longer.  Once you are a regular waxer you will find you have around 3-5 weeks of smooth skin. Please ditch the razor inbetween your appointments.

Will it hurt?

Everyone has different opinions on how much waxing hurts & it also depends on the area & your monthly cycle. The first wax after shaving will always be uncomfortable, however as your hair softens & thins from regular waxing your appointments will be quicker & won't be too uncomfortable. No one leaves their appointment in pain & everyone comments that they wouldn't even know they have just been waxed.

What can I expect?

I am trained to carry out waxing as quickly & painlessly as I can. To get all of the hairs I need a clothing-free area to wax. So whether it's a Hollywood or a half leg you need, I need the area being waxed to be bare. I do use a small towel to protect your modesty & please don't forget my job is to see hair & remove it, nothing more.

Do you suffer with dry skin & ingrown hairs? 

A few years ago I trialed Waxperts Wonder Pads using 1 pad every other day. This was after trialing other off-the-shelf products from shops like Boots & Superdrug plus trying other professional ingrown hair products too. These Waxperts Wonder Pads were the only product to greatly reduce my ingrown hairs & prevent new ones from coming - I am so pleased that I tried them. 

After the success I had with using them, I stocked them in the salon as I know so many clients who are always asking for advice about ingrown hairs. Those who use them regularly have given me amazing feedback so far & had fantastic results!

The pots have 40 pads & using 1 every other day will be enough so they will last around 3 months. 

They contain the magic ingredient that is salicylic acid which helps to naturally exfoliate the hair follicle so it unblocks. It also helps to reduce the redness of the bump, along with the swelling.

 If you'd like to try them then please let me know & I'll reserve a pot for you!

Waxpert Wonder Pads are AMAZING!

They are just £10!

Reduce ingrown hairs using this body scrub and waxperts wonder pads. Shore Beauty is a waxing expert in Chelmsford

When not to wax...

Waxing is certainly an effective hair removal technique for most people but it isn't for everyone.

Please check the following list - I will not wax you if you have any of these conditions, but this list is not exhaustive. There are other conditions that mean you cannot have waxing, plus certain medications too. So if you are unsure then please get in contact with me before booking your appointment. 

Please do not book & decided not to disclose your condition. I will not wax you for your own safety & you need to respect my decision & your health.

  • If you have any type of diabetes

  • If you are  taking steroids

  • If you are taking blood thinners

  • If you are taking acne medication (Roaccutane) or Retinol A (you must have stopped taking it at least 6 months ago to have waxing as it temporarily weakens the skin)

  • If you have varicose veins (no leg waxing)

  • I can work around moles, skin tags & spots. However I cannot wax skin that is irritated, infected or sunburnt.

  • If you have a skin flare up in the area being waxed

Please contact me to let me know if you have any questions or worries about a health condition & I can let you know whether you are suitable to have waxing.


If you are pregnant you can be waxed, but please do let me know.

See my Blog page for various waxing blogs - information, tips and how to get rid of ingrown hairs! Click here.

Book your waxing here

If you live in Boreham, Chelmsford or any of the surrounding villages or towns it's really easy to get to Shore Beauty for your waxing appointment.
I have clients coming from Witham, Maldon and Danbury as well as all parts of Chelmsford.

As a specialist waxer I get many clients asking about how to look after their skin and get questions about ingrown hairs.

You can get ingrown hairs from shaving, epilating and waxing. None of the hair removal options will totally combat ingrown hairs BUT I can advise a skincare routine to help to reduce your chances of getting them all while leaving your skin in perfect condition.

Ingrown hairs are usually identified as red bumps on the skin. They are quite unsightly and can range from being tiny to quite large. They can also be a bit sore too. The hair underneath hasn't been able to break through the surface of the skin so has looped itself around and started to grow inwards. The bump is formed as your body is trying to protect you and it is red due to inflammation.

This is where skincare comes in and keeping your skin in good condition. How many of us can honestly say that we look after our skin every day? Probably not that many!! Your skin has several layers and it has to shed (just like the hair cycle, the skin is in a cycle too). Sometimes the skin needs a little help and this is where exfoliating comes into play. The skin also needs to be protected, using SPF, and it also needs to be treated nicely by moisturising it. Your skin is your largest organ believe it or not so we really need to start thinking about it and looking after it.


Back to the hair though. The hair needs soft, supple skin to break through the surface. It cannot break through dry skin or skin that has dead skin cells on the surface. That's when it starts to curl underneath. So this is why we need to exfoliate and moisturise our skin. So until skin is prepped, there is no point tackling the ingrown hair issue.

Now, exfoliating is a minefield. You can use gloves and loofahs or sugar scrubs, coffee scrubs, salt scrubs....tonnes of scrubs are available. It's the same for moisturising there are so many different ones to choose from that it is hard to know where to start.

I get asked a lot about brands and recommending different products and I have a go to exfoliator that also doubles up as a moisturiser as well. It's called Ruff Stuff Scrub and is produced by a waxing expert. It is hand made in the UK by a small British family run company & the lady really knows how to look after your skin. The reason I love this product is that it's like a two in one and it saves your time, effort and money. It's a sugar based scrub which can be used every day (it is gentle enough to use daily, not all scrubs are and it isnt recommended to constanty use scrubs if they arent suitable for daily use) in the shower and because it is sugar, once you have started using it it will dissove away. This scrub also contains oil, coconut oil in fact, which means it moves around on your skin really well; it is gentle and its highly moisturising. But the magic of this scrub is that it leaves the moisturiser on the skin to sink in. And this is where time and money are saved because you dont need to buy another product (moisturiser), you also dont need to spend any time once you are out of the shower applying moisturiser either. It will leave the coconut oil to sink in and work its magic on your skin, leavng it soft, supple and hydrated. This means the hairs will be able to break through the surface skin nice and easy, thus reducing the chances of ingrown hairs.


If you want to try Ruff Stuff Scrub then send me a message and I will reserve one for you (they are only £9!).

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