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Jewels, Not Tools

Have you every heard of the saying that hands are like jewels, not tools?

Well, if you are newly engaged or planning your wedding then you must take more note of this saying!

Hand & nail care in the lead up to your wedding is important - after all you want your hands to be looking their best to show off your rings & in your photos, right?!

It won't take much to ensure your hands are wedding worthy. Begin with a weekly exfoliation with a gentle hand polish, such as Neals Yards Melissa Hand Polish, as this will remove any dead skin cells & reduce dry patches. A daily moisturise should also take place so keep some hand lotion in the bathroom, kitchen & in your bag. Even on your desk at work! Nourishing your hands & nails will work wonders, especially through the colder months!

However it isn't just about products. It's also about how well you treat your hands & nails.

Do you get regular manicures? This will keep the nails in good condition & strengthen them.

Do you do a lot of manual work, gardening or washing up? This will dry your hands & nails so ensure you use protection. Gloves are essential, so invest in some good ones! You don't want dirt under your nails or water ruining your nail polish!

"Urgh this seems like so much effort" you may be thinking. But once you get into a routine I can promise it'll be worth it!

So don't forget ladies, hands are jewels not tools!

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