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Make 2020 your year!

I know we are on the 21st of January already, but happy new year! This year is already flying by isn't it?

The start of a year can be quiet in beauty salons but luckily for me I have quite a large client base and my lovely clients have their treatments every month, no matter what! So I am quite busy throughout January which I really appreciate! The cabin heaters are on full blast though as the temperature has really dropped hasn't it!

Anyway...there isn't much to update you on at the moment. I am busy waxing everyone as per usual and removing lots of red, glittery Christmas nails haha! Most people are opting for some light colours after the build up to Christmas including so many deep colours and sparkle! I have a couple of new nail colours from The Gel Bottle Inc which have already been popular! 2 are similar to other colours I have, as they have nearly run out so I am gradually switching brands over. So any of you smokey plum lovers - theres a replacement for you to try!

Don't forget to use your scratch cards that I gave out to all of you who had an appointment in December, they gave you a little freebie or discount for Jan or Feb! So don't forget to bring them and use them!

If you need to book your next appointment then you can pop here

Also don't forget to come over to my facebook page here and follow me on Instagram!

See you soon

Amy x


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