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Underarm Waxing - offer!

I never really write about specific areas when it comes to waxing treatments but I was waxing my own underarms and started thinking about it.

Have you ever tried it?

I have been waxing my underarms since at least 2013. I can now go around 6 weeks between waxes which is amazing, my underarms are totally low maintenance!! Which I know ladies who shave cant say the same thing. It's the daily grind with underarms, you don't want the dark hairs showing so you end up shaving every day, or every other day at a push.

Waxing your underarms wont only mean you don't need to shave daily. It also means the hair stops being course. At the moment I can guarantee your underarm hair is dark and thick. But waxing will change this, it becomes thin and really soft so you don't notice it. Waxing also gives you totally smooth skin which shaving will never achieve.

It's hard to start with when it comes to underarm waxing and sometimes its worth coming every 2 weeks - this seems like a bit of a chore but it's a quick 15 min appointment which most people will have time for every couple of weeks. Also don't forget at my salon it's free and easy parking and the online booking means you can choose whenever suits you. I also work days, evenings and a Saturday so plenty of time to find 15 mins. After a little while you'll be able to up it to an appointment every 3 weeks, then 4 weeks and so on. How much better is that, to only touch your underarms every couple of weeks, than having to take a razor to the area every day.

Here's the before and after of my underarm wax - can you see how soft the hairs look? They are quite long due to the 6 week growth. But they came out easily, I barely felt it and look how smooth my underarm is now.

If you want to start your underarm waxing journey then forward plan - we are just about to come into the best time of year for waxing - autumn and winter. You can be hairy as you like as you tend to be quite covered up this time of year! So it's the best time to allow your hair to grow out and not have to worry too much about it! So forward plan if you can, book some underarm waxes in every 2-3 weeks throughout September, October, November and December and see what happens to your hair and your skin!

My offer if you wish to start waxing your underarms is:

8 underarms waxes (to be taken between September and December) for the price of 6 - this is a saving of £18. The appointments are quick at 15 minutes each and all that's required is 2-4 weeks hair growth from shaving before the first appointment. To get the offer the amount must be paid in full at the time of booking and all appointments must be booked. They can of course be moved if you need to.

Specific terms and confitions for this offer are:

- waxing is dependent on medical conditions, medication and skin condition

- total price of £54 must be paid in full, upfront

- all 8 appointments must be booked in upfront

- You must give a minimum of 48 hours notice in advance of each appointment to move cancel it

- if you miss an appointment or cancel with less than 48 hours notice, the appointment will still count as one of your eight

Contact me to book - you can book online here but payment will need to be taken within the next 24 hours (a bank transfer will be fine if I am not seeing you, or you are welcome to pop into the salon at an arranged time).

Amy x


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