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Corona Virus Salon Update

I have posted on my social media last week an update on the Corona virus and thought I'd write a blog post too.

Currently, on 16/03, Shore Beauty is open and operating as usual.

If you have any symptoms, or have been to an affected area, please let me know prior to your appointment as it will need to be rearranged. This also applies if someone in your house is self isolating or you have been round someone who has or has had cold/flu symptoms.

With this in mind I am also happy to rearrange appointments if you have a cold or generally feel unwell - please let me know.

The health of my clients, myself and my family is paramount as well as the fact I am self employed and if I have to self isolate or I end up suffering from the corona virus, I cannot work and therefore will not earn any money. So I need to stay healthy!

As you may know I wear gloves throughout all treatments anyway. I also use couch roll and fresh towels. I clean the couch after every clients too so all of these things I will be continuing to do. I clean my cabin on a daily and weekly basis, but I am doing this even more. I am also disinfecting chairs and the door handles after each client as well as my card payment machine too.

If you are feeling fine and life is carrying on as normal for you please feel free to book in an appointment - self care is more important now than ever! You can book here.

See you soon

Amy x


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