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Another update

I thought I'd write another blog post because I am missing seeing all my lovely clients and want to connect with you all!

I actually don't have much of an update in the way of treatments and when I can reopen, which is frustrating as I know so many of you are really needing your monthly waxing. As I have previously said, instead of shaving or using hair removal cream, the best thing to do will be to trim - this is mainly for those who have Hollywood or Brazilian waxes and if you really need to shave outside your knicker line then do that. But try to keep the hair under control with trimming carefully. Obviously you may want to get rid of the hair and that is totally understandable, in which case the honest answer is just use any hair removal method (although I wouldn't encourage you to use hair removal cream on your bikini line as it can be quite strong so be really careful). If you remove the hair then the hair that starts growing through will end up coming back quite thick, tough and it will grow quickly. You may suffer ingrown hairs too - if you do then message me as I can always send you Waxperts Wonder Pads as these are aaaamazing at sorting ingrown hairs and are only £10.

I have today sent an email newsletter round to you all and if you want to be on my contacts list for these then please pop to my homepage and sign up. I don't send them very often, and you can subscribe at any time. I usually just say hi and give an update (even in usual times) and if I have special offer or new treatment or product then I let you know.

Today I included info about my flowers that I have been making and quite a few clients have been ordering. I am studying to be a florist (not for a new career, although this situation is making me question whether two steams of income in the future may be safer) and it's lovely getting to practise making bouquets and seeing my clients enjoy them in their homes. Contact me for more info about collection or delivery and availability but they are £20 a bouquet. Supporting my business through this time really means so much!

Thanks everyone, and I hope to see you soon

Amy x


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