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Best waxing in Chelmsford!

So while I offer a variety of beauty treatments here at Shore Beauty in Boreham, my specialism is certainly waxing. All types of waxing - I have different waxes for certain areas of the body and I wax all areas on females, from your hands to intimate waxing!

I have honed my waxing skills over the past 6-7 years and this is a skill that you really need to perfect, because you can really hurt somebody if you have a poor technique, are using wax at an incorrect temperature or if you are slow, clients will find this unbearable.

I have so many new clients come to me that have had waxing elsewhere, whether recently or a while ago, and they are apprehensive to have it again due to a bad experience. But I'm pleased to report that everybody comments saying how pain-free it was and how they realise now the difference between a "good" waxer and a "bad" waxer (check out my reviews here).

Luckily for me most clients re-book and have regular waxing as they then realise the benefits on their hair and skin, and because it's a pleasant experience rather than a traumatic one, they happily return AND recommend me to their friends (thank you!!).

The benefits of waxing include:

- no daily shaving

- much softer hair, rather than course

- thinner hair

- skin that isn't irritated

- you only need it once every 4-6 weeks

- it is quick

- reduced ingrown hairs

These are the main benefits that my clients see with their hair and skin in the areas they have waxed. It only takes around 3 waxes, 4 weeks apart (with no shaving in between) to get your hair growth to fall into a pattern. Once it's in a growth pattern and most grows at a similar time, you'll then get smoother skin for longer! Which is amazing, especially in the summer months!

WINTER is THE best time of year to start waxing as you wont feel as conscious growing your hair out. This is because we tend to keep covered up in cosy jumpers, jeans, tights and long sleeve tops at this time of year which means hair growth isn't really an issue! If you start waxing in winter, by spring your hair will be in a lovely growth pattern and you'll be experiencing the benefits I have mentioned above.

So what are you waiting for? If you want these benefits or yourself then hop here to look at my waxing page with all the info or hop here to book in!

Waxing in Chelmsford has never been easier. My salon is within easy reach of all local villages to Chelmsford and I am based in Boreham. If you are in Maldon, Witham, Danbury, Springfield, Beaulieu Park, Broomfield, Wickham Bishops, Langford, Terling….I am within a 10-15 minute drive from you!

Amy x


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