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Reopening AND a new look!

the new look salon!
shore beauty salon, boreham

I can't wait - Shore Beauty Salon in Boreham Chelmsford, can finally re-open from Monday 12th April! Having been shut since before Christmas, this is such brilliant news for not only the hair and beauty industry but also all of my lovely clients who can now go back to having their treatments!

The cabin has had a makeover and I cant wait for everyone to see it. I now have a built in cupboard and a total re-fresh with its look as well as new chairs too! It also has a whole load of extra insulation so we should be much more toasty in winter and cooler in summer!


I am a waxing specialist and these are the treatments I am most busy doing, and starting to get known for locally too in the Chelmsford, Boreham and Hatfield Peverel areas!

intimate waxing specialist salon in chelmsford
waxing specialist, chelmsford

I know so many clients are dedicated to waxing and haven't shaved during the last 3 months - well done ladies and not much longer to go!! I am stocked with Waxperts Wonder Pads for anyone who has shaved and is suffering ingrown hairs - don't worry, with these pads and going back to waxing your skin will sort itself out in no time at all! Just let me know at your appointment if you would like a pot of pads - they're still only £10 and will last you a good 2 months or so!

Info on all of my waxing treatments can be found here and common questions and the answers here.


Sadly I have had to stop taking on anyone else for nail treatments. I suffer with a nail allergy that gets worse the more I am exposed to the chemicals in the products. Being shut for the start of 2021 has really made it obvious how much I suffer when I am at work, so I'm not prepared to continue. I did have to consider stopping nail treatments completely but I have some clients who only come to me for these treatments and I would hate to let them down and would also miss them! So to

beauty salon in chelmsford
new look nail treatment area

give myself a chance and to not have to do this at this point, I am stopping taking on any clients for nail appointments who haven't had one before. I have also reduced down my nail treatment menu to Treatment Pedicures, Express Pedicures and Express Manicures. These are the most popular 3 nail treatments so I have kept these to ensure you get the treatments that you need and want! I still have my large collection of gel polish colours for you to choose from too. If you haven't had your nails done by me and you were hoping to, I have another local nail technician who I will happily recommend. Just let me know and I'll pass on her details!


I am still offering eye treatments as usual. These treatments include brow waxing, brow tinting, lash tinting and LVL lashes (eyelash lift and tint). I need to re-patch test every client from 12th April who is booked in these treatments due to insurance stipulations. I also need to ask if you have had the COVID vaccination within 2 weeks of the patch test and if so we need to postpone because there is a slightly higher risk of having a reaction. It just isn't worth risking your eyes having a reaction.

More information on the eye treatments I offer here at Shore Beauty in Boreham can be found here.

I am looking forward to getting back in the cabin and catching up with you all, as well as meeting many new clients too!

If you want to book an appointment please go here to my online booking system

Amy x


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