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Lip Service

Lip Service...

'Why is she going to write about lips?' I hear you asking. Well. Have you ever thought about the important part your lips play on your wedding day?

All of those kisses, thank yous, champagne sips...your vows, your first kiss as a married couple and the photos. This list is not exhaustive but you can already tell your lips are going to be extremely busy. So surely just like your nails (manicured), your legs (waxed), your face (perfect make-up) and your eyelashes (beautiful extensions) your lips deserve some pampering to get them pout perfect for your big day, right?!

'But how do we do this?' I now hear you asking. Fear not - your lips won't cause another big dent in your wedding day budget but they do need a little TLC in the run up to your wedding day...

First of all...exfoliate. Do you ever specifically exfoliate your lips?! If you haven't, as soon as you get that engagement ring on your finger you should start. A weekly exfoliation (whilst exfoliating your face, of course) will be sufficient to remove dead skin cells and dry patches. (Quick recommendation here...use Neals Yard Organics Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish....oh la la it is amazing).

So once your exfoliation is underway you need to hydrate daily. A lip balm containing SPF is an essential. Keep those fine lines & wrinkles at bay whilst keeping your lips nourished, soft and protected.

Now that your preparation for your lips is going smoothly the last requirement is for you to choose the right lip products for your wedding day. Whether you are or you aren't having your make-up professionally applied you need to consider what you want for your lips. Do you want colour that will last you all day and require little maintenance? Are you going natural with a gloss? Whichever option you pick ensure you or your make-up artist have the right products and shades for you.

So there you have it. Your regime to keep those lips in a kissable condition. Pucker up!

If you fancy trying the Neals Yard Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish then you can grab yours here:

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