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Nourish and Plump

Are your fingers crossed for your skin to treat you to a glorious glow on your wedding day? If so, how are you planning on look after your skin? Have you started to invest in regular facials? Are you in frenzy buying new products to plump out those fine lines, soak up that excess oil or hydrate your tired skin?

If you haven’t factored regular facials into your wedding budget then it’s time to have a re think. Facials are extremely beneficial before your wedding day as your skin won't treat you, unless you treat it!

Facials really do vary depending on salon, price and products used. Some will include a foot cleanse and little massage – relaxing indeed! Some may massage your hands/arms when you have a treatment mask on. Some include a facial steam ready to extract any pesky black heads. However, all will include the basics – consultation, cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask and product recommendations.


A deep cleanse of your face will remove any recent grime and left over make-up. Your skin is then bare and ready to receive an exfoliation.


This is to prime your skin ready for a flawless make-up application on the day - removing all those dead skin cells to make way for fresh, plump new ones. Cue brightened skin (hooray!).


Aside from relaxing you, and taking you away from all the wedding planning stress, the massage has so many benefits. It will get the blood pumping around your face, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area; removing waste & reducing puffiness. It can also help to strengthen the facial muscles and lower stress levels which in turn can reduce the appearance of acne. It will also aid hydration. The massage is vital - it will leave your skin with that radiant, healthy glow everyone wants to see in their wedding photos.


Once the massage is over a mask is usually applied to suit your skin type, this could be to nourish the skin further or to pull out any impurities.


A serum, day cream and eye gel/cream are likely to be applied and your therapist should explain the benefits of using these products and also advise on how to look after your skin in the run up to your wedding.

My recommendation would be that It's a good idea to start to help your skin by using a cleanser every night to remove make-up, instead of make-up wipes. Also a weekly exfoliation and a daily moisturise with SPF cream. A serum is also important at night – your skin repairs throughout the night when you are asleep so it is important to nourish and plump at this point.

So there we have it. Go go go! Go get a facial and come back with all the relevant goodies. Skin really does work

the same way as humans - treat it how you want to be treated!

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