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Bridea Box

Have you heard of Bridea?

I hadn't until I kept seeing little ads on facebook popping up for their Bridea Boxes. They caught my eye. Not because I am getting married but because I offer bridal treatments. I was intrigued to see more so I decided to order myself one. £15 plus p&p.

The box arrived 2 days later and I was extremely excited to open it! And I wasn't disapointed. It was filled with pink tissue paper and inside were all the goodies.

I will be blogging about the specifics inside the box once I have found all of the companies on social media and the internet - then I can tag them and if you want further information then you will be able to contact them.

If you are planning your wedding then this is fab to assist you and will give you some great ideas. Or if you know someone who is newly engaged this is the perfect engagement pressie to help them start their planning.

Inside were lots of info about companies that offer favours (think cookies, chocolate, first aid bags), there were also 'save the date' cards, flip flops, balloons and tassels, cake toppers....I was in wedding planning heaven (and I'm not even engaged!).

So keep a look out for my next few blogs on a selection of the companies included in my Bridea Box. If you would like to check them out then take a look at:

Oh, and just to let you know I am not affiliated with Bridea or any of the companies included in the boxes, I just decided to review the box as I do a lot of bridal nails and eyelash extensions and it's great to chat about with my clients!

Amy x

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