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Baby Steps

So I was having a little research into make-up wipes and I am left wondering how many of us use them and for what reason?

I've asked around and it appears people love them because of their convenience. They are cheap, they are quick to use (especially after that late night!) and you can take them wherever you go.

So they are making you happy, but are they making your skin happy?

Your skin is thrown into the limelight on a daily basis. It receives exposure to UVA and UVB rays every day (even throughout the winter months!), it is exposed to air conditioning and it's drying effects and it also experiences make-up applications and daily grime and dirt from the commute. Yet everybody sees your skin, all day every day.

Any ideas on what ingredients are stored within your make-up wipes? Most are packed full of chemicals, preservatives and alcohol and these can cause premature aging, irritation, dryness and redness. Wipes also pull your skin - that nice supple skin you once had is now being dragged around everywhere, especially the delicate eye area as you rub rub rub to remove your mascara. Does the tho

ught of this make you happy?

Skin has to work hard to stay supple, wrinkle free, hydrated and glowy. So do you think your skin may appreciate a little TLC (tender loving cleanse...)?

Therefore, can you add 30 seconds to your daily shower by using a cleanser when you are showering? Could you spare 2-3 minutes to cleanse your face after you have brushed your teeth each night?

Cleansers come in all sorts of types - the world is your oyster. Some will add moisture, some will plump those wrinkles but primarily all do the same thing - gently cleanse your skin to return it to its natural state after it has battled with the elements every day.

So after reading this has it motivated you to take that first baby step and invest in a cleanser? No matter how expensive or cheap just try one out to start with and see how you go. Your skin will appreciate it and you will be one step nearer to that dewy glow every bride desires on her wedding day!

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