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Tying the knot

So this is my final review on the Bridea Box I received - I hope you enjoy!

A little treat inside was from White Knot - a company who offer contemporary wedding stationery.

It was a 'save the date' balloon which I love the idea of! The balloon was attached to a card saying 'please inflate and save the date' - what a great way to get your invited guests into high spirits about your wedding day!

It goes without saying the balloons can be personalised and whilst snooping on their website I discovered a whole host of different balloons that will be perfect for inviting those chosen few to become your bridesmaids and best man.

If you decide to order save the date balloons, once your order is completed they will send you a PDF proof to ensure you have the correct wording and so you get to see your balloons before ordering, which is fab customer service! You can also request a sample before you order, which again is fab and I can assure you that you won't be disapointed!

As the people at White Knot are so lovely they offered a discount to brides ordering the save the date balloons who have read my blog post - simply include the code: BeautyofWeddings15 to your order and you will receive 10% off!

So if you are just about to start planning, or have your colour scheme all ready to go then check out White Knot on their website, as above, or on social media:

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