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Marathon Month

Spring is finally here, our early Easter is out of the way and we are ready and raring to go…but what for I hear you ask?

The marathon of course!

Are you running it this year, or do you know anyone who is? Have you ever run it in the past?

I think it’s such an achievement. One I can never see myself achieving if I’m entirely honest as I am not a runner. I can’t see myself being able to commit to the level of training required (aside from working, I hate being outside in cold weather!) BUT whether anyone runs or walks the marathon is it is a huge deal – millions of pounds are raised each year for various charities and anyone taking part should be extremely proud of themselves. I love going up to London on the day to cheer everyone on, it’s such an emotional day and so lovely to be part of the community spirit.

Treatment pedicure - coral gel polish, Southend on sea

So back to beauty….as it is marathon month (it’s on 24th April if you have forgotten) I have decided to write about feet. My feet are precious to me - being a beauty therapist keeping my feet in good condition is very important! I’m not sure my feet or I could endure the achiness, blisters and tiredness a 26 mile run would bestow upon me/them.

And as it is spring and the flip flops are coming out, and those taking part in the marathon will require a little TLC afterwards, hopefully this will be an interesting read.

Have you ever had a treatment pedicure?

Treatment pedicures not only pretty up your toes but also treat your feet to some much needed relaxation. Starting off, your feet are immersed in warm, sweet scented water and the relaxation begins. Once feet have soaked one by one they will be taken out. Hard skin will be removed using a foot file, this improves both the feel and look of your feet and is mainly found on your heels. Your feet are then treated to an exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and make way for soft, brighter skin. Then comes the massage – both the feet and legs are massaged using a relaxing spa smelling cream – if you are a bit apprehensive about your feet being touched then don’t worry as the massage is fairly firm to aid tired feet, ankles and legs so you shouldn’t find it too tickly! A foot massage is so relaxing, clients tell me (and I agree!) that you sit there and find your stress just melting away. And of course feel free to fall asleep during the massage! Once all the cream has soaked in, and muscles are suitably relaxed your feet are looking good and feeling good. Your toe nails are then clipped, cuticles tidied and your choice of gel polish is applied. The only taxing part of this treatment for you as the client is choosing which colour to have on your toes! But it is worth it. What you are left with afterwards is beautiful looking feet, baby soft feeling feet and a relaxed mind.

Shore Beauty's pedicure chair

So you can get an idea of why a treatment pedicure may be perfect for those running the 2016 marathon on 24th April. Although to be honest it is also perfect for those sitting and watching it on the sofa. Cheering on those runners is tiring you know!

If you book a treatment pedicure at Shore Beauty throughout April you will be entitled to a half price body scrub. The body scrubs come in a variety of ‘afternoon tea’ flavours and will ensure the rest of your body feels as lovely and soft as your feet! Oh, and they will smell sumptuous too!

Hop over to our home page or nail treatment page to book online or give us a call!

Half price afternoon tea body scrubs

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