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September = Ditch The Razor Month

September = Ditch The Razor Month

It was FAB to see so many of you waxing throughout July & August. Hopefully you have seen & felt the benefits of waxing?

- no shaving rash

- no need to shave every few days

- thinner hair

- it lasts around 4 weeks

-softer hair, no more spikes!

Many people wax over the summer months then stick to razors over winter - yet the colder months are the perfect months to continue waxing.


The more regularly you wax, the thinner, sparser and softer the hair will become. If you continue the good work that waxing has done throughout this Summer, by Spring and Summer 2017 you will have so much LESS hair!

So ditch the razor, click the link and enjoy 10% off all waxing over £20 in September!

**please let me know at your appointment that you have my monthly mail so I know to give you your discount**

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