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National Chocolate Week Celebrations

Chocolate Lovers!

October sees in the National Chocolate Week – and I love chocolate so much I thought I would make the celebrations last the entire month.

Chocolate is a fabulous ingredient which can do so much for our skin!

Dark chocolate is the best as it contains a whole host of antioxidants which protect your skin and keep it nice and hydrated, just what we need now the colder weather has arrived.

Throughout October and to help celebrate National Chocolate Week I have added chocolate into my Treatment Pedicure. I decided to add it into this treatment because we all know as the weather changes, and we go from wearing flip flops to socks and shoes, our feet are forgotten about and left well alone and this results in dry, cracked heels and chipped nail polish.

So I thought I would help to prepare your feet for winter by offering a Chocolate Treatment Pedicure. The products contain chocolate orange ingredients so your feet will smell, feel and look amazing afterwards! During your 60 minutes of relaxation you will experience soaking your feet in warm water, a foot and lower leg exfoliation with a chocolate orange scrub, removal of hard skin on your heels, a lower leg and foot massage with chocolate orange massage oil all whilst sipping on a Cadburys hot chocolate drink if you want the chocolate goodness on the inside as well as outside! This pedicure does of course include gel polish on your toes and if you have had it on your toes before you will know it will last until your Christmas pedi!

I am offering a Chocolate Treatment Pedicure for the whole month and the first 10 clients to book in will receive a bag of chocolate flavoured bath salts to take home. This is the treatment that keeps on treating!

To book go to the online booking on my website or call 01702 624923 or 07791 378129.

Love Amy x

Pedicure southend on sea

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