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Waxing Tips

As I am a specialist waxer I thought it was about time that I wrote a blog on the subject!!

I have been waxing for quite a few years now and even though it involves inflicting pain onto my clients, it is my favourite treatment as we see instant results.

If you have never tried waxing then it really is a case of what are you waiting for!! If you shave or use hair removal cream then you will be left each time with hair that grows really fast and really course.

With waxing, while it may be painful especially the first one, it leaves your hair feeling soft and much thinner so with each wax it just gets easier and easier and you go longer with baby smooth skin!

If you are thinking of giving it a go, I promise you won't look back. Here are my top tips for preparing for your wax:

1) leave at least 7 days between your last hair removal and your first wax. This is very important as we need as many hairs to be on the surface of the skin as possible so we can remove them. If you have very short hair then that means they have only just come through. Which also means there will be lots of little ones hanging around under the skin for the next few days, and you will find your skin isn't smooth for long.

2) shower before your appointment. Always arrive fresh, that kinda goes without saying!

3) exfoliate your skin around 48 hours or more before your appointment

4) don't use any cream or deodrant on the area to be waxed on the day of your appointment

5) avoid waxing while on your period as you will feel more sensitive

6) wear loose fitting clothes to the wax

I offer both types of wax - strip/warm wax and hot wax. Strip/warm is used on arms and legs and the hot wax is used everywhere else - bikini area, underarms and face as it is far better for sensitive areas.

If you suffer with ingrowing hairs then waxing could also be great for you - plus I retail the Waxperts Wonder Pads which are FAB due to their main ingredient exfoliating the hair follicles!

You can book your waxing online at or please contact me with any questions! Amy x

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