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Calling all chocolate lovers!

Are you a chocolate lover? Do you feel guilty when you eat some or are you quite controlled? Fussy with chocolate or will you eat any brand? I'm not fussy. And I am out of control. If I have some chocolate digestives for example I just have to eat half the pack rather than one or two. It's always followed by me saying I'm not going to do that again, but I know that's a lie as soon as the thought enters my head!!

If you love chocolate as much as me then you simply need to know that October is a special month in the world of chocolate. It contains National Chocolate Week! And this year it is from 9th to 15th October - yay!

If you are a chocolate lover as much as me then you will want to pick the chocolate orange truffle range of products for your next Treatment Manicure and/or Pedicure - the only way to indulge calorie free!

The Chocolate Treatment Pedicure was so popular last year - it is 60 minute of pure bliss, so I thought I'd give you a little reminder & this year I've added the Chocolate Treatment Manicure too! Your hands and feet will feel good enough to eat!

During your Treatment Pedicure I will prepare your feet and toes for winter (who says just because we will be wearing socks and shoes that we can't have fancy feet?). I will soak your feet in chocolate fragranced warm water to start to soften your feet. I will then remove hard skin using a foot file and use the yummy foot scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. This is an oil based scrub, it smells good enough to eat, so it will leave your feet super soft and nourished. I will then tidy your cuticles, shape your toe nails and use the gel polish colour of your choice on your nails. After your toes are looking gorgeous I will then massage your feet, ankles and legs with the chocolate orange oil, so scrumptious it will leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated and then I will use the chocolate orange cuticle balm on your cuticles to soften them .

Your Treatment Manicure will be exactly the same - although I won't remove hard skin using a foot file!!

The chocolate orange scent will really relax your senses and help you unwind and as a little treat and to carry on the chocolate goodness you will also get to take home a chocolate bath truffle. I also have lemon and strawberry bath truffles too for if you are feeling a little chocolate overload!

If you want to book yourself in for the fancy chocolate treatment pedicure and manicure then head here and book online - when booking them together you will receive £5 off!

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