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Seasonal Skin

As quick as a flash the festive season is OVER…..noooo my fave time of year has finished and I am now regretting eating and drinking quite as much as I did!! Sound like you too?

The seasons really can affect our skin – not only is winter (say, November through to February) really cold, we also blast the heating in our cars and at home. These 2 things alone can really dry out skin and make it feel uncomfortable and even a little sensitive (think rose red cheeks!!) plus we are more at risk of catching a cold which can really drain us and have a negative effect on our skin too. BUT as if that doesn’t sound bad enough, all that lovely rich food we ate over Christmas – mmm the turkey, roast potatoes, Christmas pudding, chocolate, sausage rolls……and the list can go on and on….AND the champagne, the beer, the fizzy drinks, the prosecco, the mulled wine….when we reflect back and we are sitting here feeling fat and looking spotty / dry / oily / anything other than having silky smooth, clear skin….we can see. It all makes sense. What we consume into our body shows on our face – and I don’t mean when we look in disgust at a taste we dislike!!

We can get stuck in a cycle with our skin – it likes to change with the seasons (not with the wind!). In autumn and winter it suffers from heating, cold weather and comfort food, in spring and summer it can have a boost with all the salads & vegetables we are more tempted to eat BUT can suffer from the sunshine and aircon. Mood and hormones can also play a huge part in affecting our skin!!

If you are starting 2018 feeling a little drab about your skin then there can be a really simple solution to give you silky smooth, clear skin again. We just need to identify your skin type and some suitable products for you to use – it wont take long to see a difference! Believe it or not, you need to be mindful that your usual skincare products may not be doing enough all year round. Are you piling on that cream every night but in the morning your skin still looks flaky and feels tight? Are you cleansing off all your makeup but still getting clogged skin the next day? This may not have happened a few months ago but if this type of thing is happening now then you need to adapt your routine.

Once you break it down it starts to become a bit clearer. It is best to start with skin type - we can go through all different skin types throughout the seasons so it is best to get some advice on what skin type you have currently. There are dry, oily, combination, mature, normal, sensitive to choose from and you may not know which you are and you also may not be certain what you should change and how within your skincare routine. When clients come for a facial I tend to ask a few questions and I have a consultation form that asks quite a lot too! Having a discussion with each client about their skin shows me what products I need to use throughout the facial treatment. It is really useful for me to know what skin type the client thinks she has, what products she is currently using and what would make the client happier with her skin as that is ultimately her “goal” for the facial to work towards achieving.

Although I must point out that as a client you MUST be realistic about what can be achieved in 30 or 60 minutes. One facial isn't going to combat all of your concerns, unfortunately. It takes time and effort to help your skin get back to its best and that includes you using a suitable homecare routine and sometimes regular monthly facials.

I could talk about skincare all day long however this blog post would end up being a mammoth read and you'll switch off!! So if this seems like a minefield then you won’t be alone and if you are unsure on products and your skin type then pop in for a 30 minute Sail Away Facial - I can review your skin while you relax and use some suitable products to see what improvements we can make. It could be just using a mask twice a week for the next few weeks, or changing the way you cleanse your skin. It doesn’t have to be costly, you wont need to throw your current products away and you may not even need any new


Take a look HERE for more info and feel free to ask any questions if you have any!

Amy x

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