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DIY Nails...

I know I offer professional manicures and pedicures and all my nail treatments include using gel polish.

I have been qualified in manis and pedis for a long time & I can paint the perfect nail. I am an advocate for safe nail polish application and ensuring the nails are kept in the very best condition - especially as there are so many myths out there about "shellac" damaging your nails (which is untrue by the way!). However, whilst I promote my professional nail treatments, I am also well aware that a lot of people are doing their own nails at home. Some people tend to do their own nails, but may have a professional mani/pedi before a holiday or special event to ensure they are neat and stay perfect for the length of time they need. Others have the Treatment Pedi ready for summer as they know their feet will be dry skin free and the gel polish lasts weeks and weeks on their toes; but tend to do their own for the rest of the year. And this is totally okay - however I want to ensure that all nail DIY'ers are doing it right. And most importantly, safely!

If you damage your nails they can take a long time to heal and repair. They can be over buffed, you can damage your nail plate quite badly. You can also file them in a way that will cause them to snap - which will lead to your nails being bendy and weak, thus meaning your gel polish wont last. You also need to be safe and knowledgeable when it comes to UV and LED lamps and know about the risk of over exposure to nail/gel polish products. You can also cause a lot of damage to the nail bed by pulling of gel polish. This will leave you with white patches and your nails will look unsightly and can be uneven. It's risky business this DIY nail stuff - and I want to make sure that you are aware of what you are doing and can do everything safely.

I am a qualified & experienced tutor and assessor in beauty therapy and this allows me to teach a whole range of treatments - including nails, spray tanning, massage, facials, eyelash extensions, waxing, brow/lash tinting.....literally most beauty treatments! So due to my teaching experience I decided I am going to help all of you nail DIY'ers. You may roughly know how to paint your nails, but the chances are you cant paint them perfectly - especially with your "other" less dominant hand. I will show you how to change this and make it easier. A lot of people dont actually know where "cuticles" are and what they are there for - I wont be doing a full anatomy & physiology lesson with you, but I will touch on the cuticle and its importance! You may also know the process of applying gel polish, however I will show you the proper way to ensure the gel polish doesn't peel right off. Do you know how thin each layer should be? How many layers you need? How to prepare the nail before you apply anything, to ensure that the gel polish remains stuck to it? You may also know how to file your nails, but I will show you the pro way and how to reduce the chance of breakage.

My 1:1 sessions last for 1 hour and 30 minutes and we will fit a lot into this time!! A lovely time for nail gossip for all those nail lovers and you will leave feeling confident and raring to go! I'll also go over safe removal too - which will ensure that your nails are not left damaged (no picking goes on here!!). This is the perfect workshop if you want to be able to neatly paint your own nails, or you have recently obtained a certificate in mani/pedi but you aren't feeling confident. I will also give you a little manual to take home AND a free removal set (including acetone, foils - everything you will need for safe removal). I can also advise on the best LED lamps that are available and the different brands of gel polish, nail files and cuticle tools available. Please note that I do not retail any of this so I wont be selling anything on the day, rest assured my 1:1 sessions are spent purely teaching you what you need to know to be able to do your own nails!

If you want to know more info on my Gel Polish Workshop then pop here or feel free to give me a shout on social media or via

Amy x

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