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Thought I'd write a new blog post as I realised I haven't written once since the start of summer! I had a hugely busy summer with sooo many clients for waxing - during all that heat; it was hard work but great to know so many of you are waxing rather than shaving and really feeling the benefits.

For some crazy reason in July we decided to sell our flat, why then I don't know; when its the busiest time of year for my business, but things happen for a reason and we found our dream cottage in Boreham, Chelmsford. We didn't intend on moving to this area but we fell in love with the property and now we are here we are loving it!

But quickly going back around 3-4 years, I named Shore Beauty ages ago, before I even moved to Westcliff and actually started my home salon. I didn't care where we were living, that was the name I wanted and fell in love with. We just so happened to move right next to Southend seafront which meant my chosen name really worked well. And my nautical décor too is always getting lovely compliments!

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However, I have now moved to a place with no seaside! Eeek. I am keeping Shore Beauty at the moment. I still love it. I have tried to think of a new name, but I keep coming back to this name as I love it. Moving to Boreham, Chelmsford has been a big change and I'm not sure I am ready to have another by changing my business name. Since Shore Beauty started, I have changed and evolved my business to become a specialist waxer. Waxing just used to be another one of my treatments, however it is now pretty much the main treatment I do. Specifically Hollywood waxes above anything else. I am highly trained, I use an amazing wax and have been for quite a few years. This has meant I have built up a large following of clients and I am so grateful for all of you who are continuing to see me for your treatments. I am also looking forward to meeting lots of lovely new clients. Shore Beauty is easily accessible, off Main Road in Boreham. This makes me easily accessible for clients travelling from Danbury, Maldon, Hatfield Peverel, Woodham Walter, Witham, literally anywhere around the Chelmsford area. Just off the A12 or 10 mins from the army and navy roundabout - easy peasy. So not only is it easy to get here from several places, you can also park and I totally understand that it is daunting getting half naked in a beauty salon. I think that's part of the reason why my little treatment room has always been so popular, plus it is just me, No other clients, no other staff, just me and no one to interrupt your treatment. I have recently done some refresher training with Kim Lawless (the Queen of waxing!) to keep my skills up and learn a new technique. I believe it is important to keep up with the ever changing beauty industry and do yearly refreshers on the treatments I currently offer.

Anyway, back to what I was trying to say - my garden has plenty of parking for Mike & I and for my clients. This will be a huge plus point for you - no more driving round the street trying to find parking OR having to pay a fortune in a multi-storey carpark just to go for your waxing, nail or facial appointment. It also has a large space for me to have my cabin built. This is really exciting for me and Shore Beauty - you'll be able to park, hop along the path and straight into what will be (hopefully!) my lovely new cabin. It was be professionally decorated and have a cosy salon vibe, I'm picturing it already. However, I have to wait for that to built (hoping it wont be too long!)so for now I have set up my treatment room in one of the room inside my cottage. It's private and is bigger than my previous room & I'm loving it so far.

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So aside from a LOT of waxing, which you'll probably see on my social media I talk a lot about! I also offer manicures and pedicures using gel polish (shellac) and I also incorporate products from a lovely local company called The Maldon Soap Company. Sue is so nice, she hand makes every product she sells and they only contain natural ingredients which is what I am passionate about. We are always encouraged to eat healthily for the inside of our body, and I really believe that we also need to only use "healthy" skincare products to make the outside of our bodies look as they should too. IE lovely smooth, clear and healthy skin. Within my nail treatments I use cuticle oil, scrub and moisturisers from The Maldon Soap Company and if you fancy trying these gorgeous products out you can hop over here on my website to get a discount code when ordering at Happy buying!

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I also offer Facials. These are using The Maldon Soap Company products too and they are seriously effective on your skin. They also smell beautiful as they are based on aromatherapy oils, the smell is so relaxing as well as doing good for your skin! I offer 2 different facials, one for 30 mins and one for 60 mins so they should suit you if you have little or more time for your appointment. They help you to relax and feel good about yourself too. Even a quick 30 minute uplift is all we need sometimes! I am not a pushy sales person, I do not stock The Maldon Soap Company products and try to sell after a facial ,like some salons will try to do. I can offer you advice and let you know what products I have used and if you want to try them then I can either order them in for you, or you can order via Sue's website here.

So just going quickly back to waxing, I know I mentioned Hollywood and Brazilians but I also offer other waxing. I can only wax women, so for any men reading this I do apologise - I'd have to do separate qualifications for male waxing and I haven't done them yet. I do a lot of full or half leg waxes and underarm waxes too. Infact we are coming into the perfect time of year to either start waxing from scratch, or adding a new area to be waxed into your next appointment. I am likely to have covered most questions via my FAQ page here. However feel free to contact me with any questions here, I'm more than happy to chat with you if you are nervous about having a wax! But just quickly - if you have been shaving then you need to leave ideally 3 weeks between shaving and your waxing appointment. As horrible as this 3 hairy weeks may be, it will give you a much better result with smoother skin for longer as you'll have given as many hairs a nice long time to pop up onto the surface of the skin. If you only leave it 7 days or so, you will have hairs underneath waiting to pop up over the next couple of days and this will mean you feel the wax has been ineffective. It wont have been, as the waxed hairs will have been removed from the follicle, and any that come up soon after a wax will have been waiting under the skin during your appointment. So it is always advisable to leave as many weeks as you can between shaving and waxing - hence why the winter months are the best months so you can cover up!!

Well anyway. I have probably rambled on a fair bit but hopefully this gives you more of an idea about me, why I am Shore Beauty but now in Boreham in Chelmsford, and what treatments I offer!

Hope to see you soon.

Amy x

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