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Getting ready for the festive season...

I can't believe it's that time of year again....well nearly! I don't feel Christmassy yet and that is saying something as Christmas is my FAVE time of year! I cannot wait to start getting more into it, especially now I have my new house to decorate!!

Last year throughout December I introduced my "Christmas thank yous" to my lovely clients. These were scratch cards which you got to pick off my Shore Beauty Christmas tree. It wasn't one per client, it was one per treatment so the more times you came, the more scratch cards you had! They were really popular and clients really liked the idea. My scratch cards gave you all sorts of lovely presents - 10% or 20% off in Jan or Feb, £5 off, discounted facials, free they were so popular I have decided to do them again this year!

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So throughout December 2019, scratch cards will be available to you when you come for your appointment and you'll be able to pick them off my Shore Beauty Christmas tree! When is your Christmas party? If you want to ensure you get the appointment you want for your waxing, nails or tinting treatments then head here to book. You can of course always move it, just give me at least 24 hours notice so I can fill your slot. Thank you!

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I also had some special offer vouchers last year too and again, as they were popular I am going to offer them again. I have just ordered some new gift vouchers from my printers so they will be with me in time to start my Christmas Advent. I will have a special voucher available each week (starting 30th November) and in total there will be four vouchers throughout December. The voucher is only valid to be purchased throughout the week it's on sale and you can either buy it at your appointment, or you can transfer the money to me. It must be paid for in the week it is for sale. The 4 vouchers give you AMAZING deals and can be used in January or February 2019 to treat yourself after the Christmas rush. You can also buy them as a gift for someone lucky, and you can buy a many as you want! They will come in a little Christmas gift bag too and pictures of these will follow on my facebook page and Instagram over the coming weeks! The advent vouchers will be announced every week on my social media too and via email and on a blog post so you cant miss them : - )

It's been an eventful year for me here at Shore Beauty what with moving house/towns and the imminent arrival of my puppy (yay!) and then my cabin starting its build so I'm hoping for the best Christmas yet and I look forward to seeing you all and getting you ready for the festive season!

Amy x

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