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Good bye ingrown hairs!

As the treatment I specialise in is waxing, I thought I would do a long overdue blog post on this.

I have been asking clients what their main concern is at their waxing appointments – and surprisingly it isn’t the pain!

The main concern is ingrown hairs, and this is also the case for those that have turned to waxing after experiencing them with shaving.

Ingrown hairs are a total pain, most people get them but don’t know what to do about them. The main thing people want to do with them is pick them…nooo please do not take tweezers to them and have a rummage around. This can really cause damage to your skin and they can scar, so put the tweezers down and listen up!

Lets get the low down on ingrown hairs sorted first – why do they appear?

They can occur when the hair follicle becomes blocked with dead skin cells. This tends to make them grow sideways (more common on curly hair and recently shaved hair, apparently). They also tend to struggle to break through skin when it is dry, so keeping skin hydrated is really important after your waxing appointment.

Not only does the hair grow underneath, it can also cause red marks and even pustules – little white heads, on the surface of the skin. This is called ‘folliculitis’ and most of the time these will calm down within a few days, with no treatment. But if they continue then you may need to see the GP.

The most common areas on my clients (and myself!) is the inner thigh and the top of the bikini line. These are 2 areas that regularly rub against tight clothing so wearing loose clothes to your waxing appointment is a good place to start.

So what can be done about these pesky hairs?

First of all, the best remedy to try is exfoliating once or twice per week and then moisturising. It is wise to use an oil based body scrub as these will also hydrate the skin. If you don’t see an improvement, or it’s slow going then I have a tried and tested solution.

I have been testing out the Waxperts Wonder Pads for a couple of months on myself. These pads are easy and quick to use, disposable, last for 2-3 months and contain a magic ingredient. This ingredient is called salicylic acid. This is a brilliant ingredient (although the word acid sounds a little scary, but it isn’t harmful so don’t worry!) and it helps to exfoliate the hair follicles and push out any blockages. I found that after using them for around 10 days the red marks from the ingrown hairs that were already there were barely visible and as I waxed each month no more reappeared. Amazing!

I have tried and tested so many solutions. You can buy various creams etc in high street shops, which they say contain salicylic acid, but none have ever achieved the results of the Wonder Pads.

So I am officially sold, and using them every other day. I have had several clients take a pot (they are only £10!) and I have had good feedback from every single person that has bought them so far – yay!

So I am finally so happy, after my LONG search, to be introducing the Wonder Pads to my waxing clients and banishing those ingrown hairs once and for all!

If you would like more information on waxing or to book then then either go to the waxing page or email me at

Amy x


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