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Jewels, not Tools!

Clients come to me because they want tidy, pretty nails. However, they want these nails to last. As a therapist, it's my job to manage client expectations. My promise to you when you have a Manicure or Pedicure at Shore Beauty, is that I will prepare your nails and apply the gel polish expertly & professionally. I am not the quickest at nails because I do amazing nail prep to lift all cuticle and debris off the natural nail plate, which ensures it is clean for the base coat to adhere to - this is a really important step in keeping gel polish on your nails.

However, after you leave the salon (whether it be mine or elsewhere), gel polish needs some TLC to ensure it stays in tip top condition. This is where you come in, you need to treat your nails as jewels and not tools, to help the gel polish stay on for as long as possible.

My first tip is - be mindful. Care needs to be taken when doing things such as doing up zips on cases if you are going on holiday, ripping things open with your fingers rather than using scissors, picking things with your nails. Be mindful of what you are actually doing with your hands and how you are using your fingers and find an alternative way to do things like using scissors instead, or getting your other half to do the case zip up. Gel polish isn't as strong as if you are wearing acrylic or gel extensions so if you are used to wearing these then you will really need to take care of your nails to prolong the length of time the gel polish lasts.

My second tip is - use gloves. At every opportunity. It's starting to warm up outside and if you are thinking of doing some gardening, do not do a thing unless you have some gardening gloves. Aside from soil being under your nails, you need to ensure you don't cause your nails to break or chip. If you break the free edge of your nail (the end bit) then the seal of the gel polish will be broken and it can easily chip or come off. Each night if you wash up, don't do this unless you are wearing marigolds (am sure that's what those yellow gloves are called!!). Your nails and your skin will thank you for it. You don't want your nails submerged in water for a long time or with washing up liquid as some products can lift gel polish. If you are a mad Hincher and love your cleaning, especially with strong products like Zoflora, then you 100% need to use gloves. The various chemicals used in cleaning products and wipes will definitely ruin your nails - I have done this so many times, especially when using Dettol cleaing wipes with no gloves! It isn't worth the risk, glove up at all times!!

Tip three is don't be a picker. I know so many people, myself included, who pick their nails or bite them or pick round the sides. This will lead to the gel polish seal being broken and therefore vulnerable to lifting off. If you are a picker try and distract your hands by holding something or doing something else!

Tip four is don't pull the gel polish off. This is not good for the health of your natural nails, as tempting as it may be. Soak off is always best, you can either do this yourself at home (you need pure acetone for this, easy and cheap to buy but most people have nail varnish remover which wont be strong enough) or you can have it soaked off by me. If I soak it off it's only an extra £4 if you are having you nails redone or £10 for a soak off, treat and tidy if you aren't having anything re applied. It really is a small price to pay for the health of your nails.

The fifth tip is cuticle oil. Daily preferably, but even a few times a week will make a huge difference to the health of your natural nails and the cuticle area. If cuticles are nourished and healthy they will remain neat and tidy for the duration of your manicure. Cuticle oil can also penetrate the natural nail and ensure its healthy under your gel polish.

So those are my five top tips for looking after your gel polish and ensuring it lasts for the recommended length of time - 10 days, but hopefully more! If you want more info on my nail treatments for both hands and feet then head here. Alternatively you can book your next treatment here.

See you soon

Amy x


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