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Treat Your Feet

Our feet are generally the body part that get most neglected throughout the year (especially throughout the winter) yet they really are important to our day to day lives.

gel polish pedicure in chelmsford
Pedicures can make your feet look & feel fab!

Our feet have to bare our weight throughout the day, they are a main factor in allowing our bodies to walk, run and move, in any way as well as keeping us balanced. Without our feet we would not get far!

So why don't we put them at the top of our priorities when it comes to looking after our bodies?!

We may have our nails done to treat our hands, have a facial to boost our skin or have a massage to relieve stress and fatigue and help muscle tension yet most of us don't do a lot with our feet!

Here's a round up of the main three foot treatments:

1) Express Pedicures - focuses on your toe nails, working on neatening the cuticles, shaping them and applying gel polish.

2) Reflexology - an alternative, holistic treatment that uses pressure points on your feet to improve and help illness. Doesn't include any work on your toe nails.

3) Luxury Pedicures - may be called luxury pedi and including shaping the nails, improving the cuticles, and removing hard skin off the feet plus a massage. It might include heated booties and paraffin wax treatments too!

4) Podiatrist treatments - these are specialist treatments that are used for treatment foot problems and qualified podiatrists give medical diagnosis. These treatments most commonly include treating ingrown toe nails, corns, warts, verrucae and foot/ankle pain.

Do you ever have a foot treatment? If not then it may be time to start treating your feet. Most clients I see for a pedicure at this time of year are getting their feet out for the first time! Allowing them to breath outside of socks, getting them flip flop and sandal ready!

natural skincare the maldon soap company
My pedi products smell amazing & are natural!

Now that the sunshine is out (well, it has been here today in Boreham, Chelmsford...!) Don't allow your feet to let you down. I offer both Express and Treatment Pedicures. A Treatment Pedicure will be the perfect solution to dry, cracked heels and to get rid of old polish to replace with a gorgeous new colour. This treatment starts with soaking your feet in water which helps to relax you & keep you warm. It softens any hard skin which will then be removed and I will then use my all-natural scrub from The Maldon Soap Company (almond and coconut - honestly, it's divine!) to help remove dead skin cells and soften your feet and toes. You can then choose your colour for your gel polish. It lasts so long on your toes (presuming you don't use your toes to do the washing up and cleaning?!), especially as I'll cut down and shape your toe nails plus complete any cuticle work that needs doing. The treatment will then finish with a relaxing massage of your feet and lower legs using my coconut and almond cream from The Maldon Soap Company. This will help relieve tension, relax your mind and leave your feet and toes looking, feeling and smelling good!

This treatment is a lovely boost to your tired feet and helps prepare them for spring, which is hopefully just around the corner!

To book go here.

For more info on the Pedicure treatments I offer, go here.

Amy x


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