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I've just been having a browse of a recent copy of You & Your Wedding magazine & their section of 'bride candy' lured me in. Blue accessories, blue bottled after-dinner drinks, blue sweets & beautiful blue flowers. It got me thinking. Would a bride who selects blue as her wedding theme decide to match her nails too? Blue nails! What a thought!

There are so many shades of blue available these days that it excites me as a nail tech, but how many would dare to accessorise their wedding ring with blue nails?

I'm not sure I would. But does the fact I'm not actually engaged or planning a wedding change my thoughts? I wonder would I go for a classic french or understated cream/pink so my ring does all the talking? Or would I be bold enough to go for an unusual nail look?

So that brings me to my question which can be applied to any colour scheme - will you match your nails to your wedding day?

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