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What, you have a shower routine?!

Do you suffer with ingrown hairs? Anybody can suffer with these when shaving or waxing & they definitely a pain!

I am a sufferer and I have been scanning around the beauty industry for some time trying to find a solution. I tried all the "on the shelf" solutions that are available in supermarkets and shops like Boots but didn't find anything that made a jot of difference.

I have therefore researched ingrown hairs carefully to find the cause and what can treat them, especially since so many new clients have told me of their struggle with them due to shaving and some are still getting them when waxing too. Unfortunately waxing isn't a hair removal treatment that can PREVENT ingrown hairs - there isn't one! This is because ingrown hairs are caused by the way the hair grows back after being removed. And lets face it - we all want to remove hair don't we rather than just letting it grow and grow!!

So those clients who have been coming for a while to me will have heard me go on about the importance of exfoliating. When a client discusses ingrown hairs with me I am always honest - I advise that sometimes the solution can be really simple. ​Ingrown hairs can be reduced by ensuring your skin is hydrated because new hair struggles to break through dry skin. As long as you regularly exfoliate & moisturise the area (to remove old/dead skin cells) you'll be well on your way to improving the look of any current ones you have & to reducing the chances of new ones. However, I am also honest in saying this doesn't always have an affect, but its a simple enough solution to try between this wax & your next & you can update me when you come in 4 weeks time.

Therefore to follow my own advice I have wanted to provide a body scrub that will ensure that your skin cells are being regularly renewed & your skin is supple, without the need for remembering to moisturise every day and exfoliate once a week. who can be bothered?! So during my search I found Ruff Stuff - I have tried, tested & love the Ruff Stuff body scrub - it will make such a difference! It is hand made by a fellow specialist waxer so she really knows her stuff - it is natural as well, & anyone who knows me knows that I much prefer to use natural hand made products. The ingredients include a base of coconut oil and the scrub is made from sugar - this means when you use it in the shower you rub it into your skin until it dissolves, leaving the coconut oil to sink into your skin and hydrate. It also contains lauric acid and peppermint oil which are both antibacterial so perfect for use after waxing. Vitamin E has also been included and this is renowned for its help in repairing the skin and therefore improves its condition. Ruff Stuff has really made a difference to my skin - I tend to suffer with dry knees and elbows no matter how much I moisturise. This causes wax can stick to these areas, which is quite common with clients too. But since using Ruff Stuff this hasn't happened - yay! I don't need to moisturise, as I have used the scrub every day the oils that are left to sink into my skin are doing enough to keep it soft, hydrated and supple.

After my advice of exfoliating, some clients then tell me they have tried using a scrub already and need a further solution or say they forget to use one every week, so queue my recommendation of Waxperts Wonder Pads and their magic ingredient - salicylic acid. This fabulous skin saving ingredient exfoliates down into the hair follicle which helps unblock them and lift any current ingrown hairs and prevent further. It is amazing and they are SO easy to use.

I have been using Waxperts Wonder Pads for around 6 months or more now. I just use 1 pad every other day. They have reduced my ingrown hairs & prevented new ones from coming - I am so pleased that I tried them. My skin, now that I am using them teamed with Ruff Stuff has literally never looked so good. It feels so soft, I'm not using moisturiser and I'm not getting any more ingrown hairs. I have been using Ruff Stuff for 2 months. I am loving it and so is my skin!

Shower Routine.....

However, I am aware that most of us lead busy lives and rarely have the time, thought or motivation to treat ourselves every day, me included. So many clients tell me they can't be bothered to exfoliate once a week or don't remember to. However this is where your shower routine kicks in - we all shower each day, right?! And when you really think about it, you probably do have a routine in the shower. Mine is to use shampoo, then body wash then conditioner. Well since trialing these two products (because I am serious about getting rid of my ingrown hairs - there was no point in me trialing the products halfheartedly, I was and still am serious about improving the look and feel of my skin!) I have introduced them into my shower routine. This is one of my only daily routines that is just about me and everything I do during my shower is for me - washing my body and washing my hair. So it makes total sense to introduce these products here, while I'm locked in the bathroom and only focusing on myself. So the scrub is to use daily - not hard to add in with my shampoo, shower gel and conditioner. My new routine now goes as follows:

Get in

Shampoo my hair

Body wash

Body scrub

Condition my hair

Get out

Get dry

Use a Waxpert Wonder Pad

Then when I get out the shower the Waxperts pads are there and are used once I am dry. Either every day or every other day. I keep the pads in the bathroom - its the most likely place I will remember them!

Once something is introduced as a permanent member to your shower routine you'll get used to it in no time and even if you LACK time (especially in the mornings before work!) adding the scrub literally takes 1 minute or less. I promise!!

So there you have it. If you are SERIOUS about improving your skin and reducing ingrown hairs then you need to use Ruff scrub daily and Waxperts Wonder Pads either daily or every other day. Both will last around 3 months (Waxperts contains 40 pads so 40 days if using every day or 80 if using every other day & Ruff Stuff only needs a small amount each day).

You can reserve both by contacting me via email, social media or text or ask at your next appointment. I have both on offer for £18 or they are just £10 each.

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