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It's only Autumn but...

Well summer was certainly gone in a blink of the eye & we are now welcoming autumn. I'm tempted to say winter but I know that's being a little dramatic!!

Sometimes September is lovely & sunny but it doesn't seem that way at the moment. So usually I'd be writing this blog post around October time, but I decided to write it now in the hope I jinx myself & we end up having a sunny September!! Every year clients tell me "oh I wont wax after summer as I dont need to as I wont be getting my legs out"/ "I only wax before a holiday". This does not make sense. Only having a few waxes a year and shaving/using hair removal cream at other times will not give you any results. But why? I hear you ask. Well, take a read of the below...

It's throughout autumn and winter that you GET RESULTS with waxing. September (if not sunny) through til about February is the BEST time of year to kick your hair into a similar growth pattern. It takes about 3 waxes, that are 4 weeks apart to start achieving hair that is softer, finer and sparser with skin that feels silky smooth for longer, So that's 12 weeks of being spiky, growing hair, wishing it was gone. So when's the best time of year to do this - it really isn't the spring or the summer!! Autumn and winter months allow your hair to grow for the 4 weeks in-between without feeling like a yeti (who cares when we are only wearing jeans and jumpers, right!), then amazingly by spring your skin is staying smooth as a babys butt for a good 3-4 weeks and hair is lovely and soft, meaning waxing is no longer as painful & is super quick.

So if you want to have smooth, hair-free skin for longer by spring and summer 2018 then you know what to do - get booked in for every 4 weeks throughout the next few months. Be committed and determined to get the results that you want (I assume less painful waxes, softer hair and less hair growth!), chuck the razor away...DO NOT even be tempted to allow a razor anywhere near the areas you are having waxed. And with a little patience you will start to see your results!

Waxing info can be found here

If you have any questions then please let me know, Amy x

ps. if you want info on ingrown hairs and how to beat them then click here for my shower routine blog.


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