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Happy January everyone! Now that the colder weather is settling in, you've eaten your weight in chocolate and drank a lot of wine, gin or anything over Christmas and the chances are you'll now be hibernating (like me to be honest) for the next couple of months. THIS IS THE BEST TIME to get results from waxing. If you have had the odd wax, or never had waxing before then read on. And if you are a regular waxer then make sure you've gone here to book in your next appointment!

So why is January the best time to have a wax? Why is it different to any other month? Well, there is a few reasons. January doesn't tend to be a busy month meaning you can take a little time for yourself (waxing really doesn't take that long), we also have our new years resolutions at the forefront of our minds (ever promised that you'll look after yourself more?) AND it's cold. And cold weather means jeans, leggings, thermals, jumpers, long sleeves. Which then means that you can grow your hair! That is the most "painful" part of a wax for most clients. Letting your hair grow. Feeling gross, wanting to hide and remembering to not lift your underarms and having to think what to wear to cover up every day. BUT of course as January means you are covered up anyway so its win win. This is THE month to let your hair grow out and have waxing.

When you come for your waxing appointment, getting you a good result is my aim. But what results will you see from your first wax? Being totally honest, you wont get the best result straight away. Waxing promises to give you softer and sparser hair. It promises to stop hair growing quickly, it promises to keep you smoother for longer. However, after growing your hair for a minimum of 14 days, you will have your first wax and after 7 days or so you will have hair growing back, they wont be really soft and may not grow back sparser. However, the reason you'll have a quicker growth is because when you come for your first wax you will still have hairs under the skin that have been previously shaved. Unless you leave your hair to grow out for at least 4 weeks from shaving, the chances are you will still have some under-the-skin lurkers waiting to come out and annoy you a few days after your wax. BUT ignore them, leave them sitting there on top of your skin ready for your next wax in four weeks time. That way you know they'll be gone!

I'm not saying you wont get a result from your first wax, most clients see a difference right away, but

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from your first wax you will see some result and a change in the hair that regrows, you just wont get the BEST result right now. But it's all in the prep work. No athlete got to the top of their game but not doing any prep. Same for any job really. And waxing is my job - while I can make sure I'm doing the best I can, I also need you to as my client and the person providing me with hair to wax! That's another reason why January is a good month to start waxing - it takes around 3 waxes (4 weeks apart) to get an amazing result with your hair regrowth. Which means ditching the razor. Ignoring it screaming at you from the side of the bath. Bin it in fact! If you start waxing in January, we are looking at spring time when you will have lovely silky smooth legs, underarms, bikini line for longer. Which just so happens to be the months where we are starting to get the flip flops out, starting to wear T shirts and skirts is then that you will see the best results! By spring time your hair will be soft, it will be much thinner, much sparser and it will take longer to grow back which means you can start to spread your appointments a little longer if you wish. You'll also find the treatment itself quicker and easier. It's a win win for you, and the perfect time of year for the best results. However no one will ever achieve the BEST result without any prep and the prep starts now!

If you want to have smooth, hair-free skin for longer by spring and summer 2019 then you know what to do - get booked in for every 4 weeks throughout the next few months. Be committed and determined to get the results that you want (I assume less painful waxes, softer hair and less hair growth!), chuck the razor away...DO NOT even be tempted to allow a razor anywhere near the areas you are having waxed. And with a little patience you will start to see your results!

Waxing info can be found here

If you have any questions then please let me know, Amy x.

PS. Don't forget, I am now located in Boreham, Chelmsford. I am very easy to find, I offer free parking at my salon and I use hot wax on sensitive areas such as the bikini line, underarms and face. It's easy to access my location, near Boreham House, from Witham, Maldon, Chelmsford, Hatfield Peverel and all surrounding villages.

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