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No More Ingrowns or Bumpy Skin YAY!

Now I know Spring is taking its time coming to us at the moment, but hopefully soon (fingers and toes crossed) we will see some sunshine and this will mean our arms and legs will be coming out! Many of you who are new to waxing started in the winter – yay thank you for listening to my advice – and by Spring you will be noticing now that your hair growth pattern is actually IN a pattern, you’ll know how long you will have smooth skin for and you will be seeing the benefits of waxing – silky smooth skin, no daily shaving, hair taking a few weeks to grow back, sparser hair growth and softer hair growth. Yay! However, now it’s time for us to start showing our skin to the outside world and this means, not only does it need to be hair free, it needs to be in tip top condition.

Do you find you get little bumps on the backs of your arms? Do you get the odd red bump where there’s an ingrown hair? Do you think your skin is looking dry and in need of some TLC?

If you are nodding your head as you read that then I will be able to help you!

Your problem = not getting the desired silky skin that you wish you had.

My solution = providing you with silky, smooth and hydrated skin within the next 4 weeks!

YES that’s right, YOU can get yourself feeling and looking FAB within the next 4 weeks (and we might just have sunshine by then!). I have been doing a lot of skincare product trials over the last few months, all because I want to offer more than waxing; the chance to really look after your skin. Skin is the largest organ in our bodies but we don’t always treat it with high importance. We let it burn in the summer, we let it go dry and flaky in the winter, we pick at ingrown hairs which leave it in a bit of a state. So it’s time to start treating it well and it’s really easy to do, even for the busy bees among us!

It starts at your waxing appointment. I will remove all of the hairs in the areas you are having waxed. I will also discuss the aftercare and what I would recommend to help you get rid of any bumps on your skin, any hairs that lay flat to the skin, dry flaky areas and ingrown hairs (these don’t have to be in the area I have waxed either!). All you need to do is follow my advice, stick to the routine and then reap the benefits – you’ll be seeing much smoother, brighter skin within 4 weeks. Goodbye flaky legs, itchiness, ugly red inflamed bumps or pesky hairs that are flat to your skin. You won’t have to use tweezers to dig around and pull out ingrown hairs (why? Because there won’t be any!!).

So my first recommendation to anyone who tells me they aren’t happy with their skin OR they are suffering with ingrown hairs is EXFOLIATE. Get the scrub called Ruff Stuff. A mitt just won’t do, promise you. And Ruff Stuff is soooo good. Hairs become ingrown when they can’t push through the surface of the skin and more often than not this is because the skin is dry (even if you can’t see any flakiness or dry areas, your skin can still be dehydrated). If you exfoliate on the regular, you will be removing any dead skin cells off of the surface of your skin, this will leave your skin looking fresh and much brighter as dead skin cells leave skin looking dull. Ruff Stuff Scrub is more than just an exfoliator though. It also moisturises, meaning that your skin is left silky smooth (after one use this is seen & felt!) and you won’t need to buy a moisturiser so it’s an amazing 2 in 1 product!

I then advise either Waxperts Wonder Pads (these are good on patches of bumpy skin, quite common on your arms) and larger areas with ingrown hairs – so mainly arms, legs and the bikini area. ONE wipe every other day will see a significant difference in red bumps, smoothness, and hairs that are flat to the skin. The salicylic acid in them (sounds bad, but is actually REALLY good!) will also reduce inflammation of ingrown hair bumps that are already there and it can exfoliate down the hair follicle meaning ingrowns will BE GONE!

If you are only suffering with ingrown hairs on your underarms, bikini line or even on your face (or you know a man who shaves & suffers!) then I would recommend the Aloe Clear roll on instead. Literally a small, travel size roll on that will roll salicylic acid onto the areas and perform the same as the Waxperts Wonder Pads. But it’s perfect for smaller areas and if you are off on your holidays too you can even have it in your hand luggage! It contains aloe vera which is soothing so good for your face and will reduce any redness too.

So you literally need two products to really make a huge improvement to your skin. The Ruff Stuff Scrub is only £9, Waxperts Wonder Pads are £10 and the Aloe Clear roll on is only £3 so each product is £10 or less which is an amazing start to getting your skin in tip top condition!

To reserve your products, simply get in contact via email, phone/text or via my social media! And to book your next waxing appointment pop here.

See you soon

Amy x


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