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What are you expecting?

I thought I would do a quick blog post on waxing and how it works, to ensure that all client expectations are met. If you have been doing any form of hair removal, except waxing, before you come for your first waxing appointment then this is relevant and please keep reading!!

When you remove hair off of the surface of the skin, which happens when you shave or use hair removal cream, you are leaving the hair bulb and follicle intact underneath. The hair under the skin continues to grow, hence why a few days later you will need to shave again as the hair is then on the surface of the skin and so the cycle continues. When you wax the hair is removed including the hair bulb, from underneath the skin. This is why it can feel painful when you are being waxed (I say the word "painful" which caution as I promise anyone who is nervous that is really isn't as bad as what your mind makes you believe!!). It is removing each full hair that gives you smooth skin and causes the hair that grows back in 3-4 weeks to become softer and sparser the more waxes you have.

hair growth for waxing
Phases of hair growth

Now, as we are getting to the main holiday season I thought I would write about a common situation that happens. A lot of people come for their first waxing appointment a few days before a holiday. This is totally fine to do, however you must be realistic with your expectations. I always recommend 3 waxes (even one or two will better if you cant fit in three) before your holiday wax. This is because it usually takes around 3 waxes for all your hairs to get into a similar growth cycle. From shaving, their cycle is all over the place, each individual hair is doing its own thing. However waxing will help to kick them into line and this is what makes you have smoother skin for longer - when all the hairs are growing around the same time. After your first wax, your skin will feel quite smooth, or even totally smooth. Which is fantastic - however, you may see that over the first 7-10 days there are some little hairs coming through, although usually only in random places rather than all over the area that has been waxed. This is because these hairs were sitting pretty underneath the skin when you came for your appointment as they were not in the same growth cycle as the others. And unfortunately even though wax is amazing, it isn't amazing enough to be able to take hair that is underneath the surface of the skin!! Some people will experience this, but on the other hand some people wont. It really depends on your hair type and the rate that your hair grows. This is why I recommend more than one wax before you go on holiday, in case you do get some random hairs growing through. I don't want you to feel disappointed with your wax because it hasn't met your expectations at leaving you with soft and smooth skin for the duration of your holiday.

Before your first wax please leave it as long as possible since shaving - it is best to book well in advance so that you can plan when to stop shaving. It's best to try and not shave for 3 weeks before a wax to get as many hairs on the surface of your skin as possible. If you cant leave it 3 weeks then the very minimum needs to be 10 days, however you wont get as much of a smooth result so be mindful of this.

So work back your holidays dates and see when you can fit in 2-3 waxes - they must be 4 weeks (or more) apart. You can head over to the online booking here or for more waxing FAQs to be answered go here OR finally to see what type of waxing I offer go here.

Amy x


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